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Delightfully illustrated in the art nouveau style, this children's book, which first appeared in 1904, is reproduced here for the Kindle.From the Introductory Note:This is the first time that these Fireside Saints have formed avolume by themselves. They originally appeared in the PunchAlmanack for 1857 the year of their author's death and, sofar as I am aware, have been but twice reprinted since. Oncein a volume of Douglas Jerrold's scattered writings publishedin America in 1888, a volume that took its name from the "Saints"which occupied its earliest pages. The collection was made bya writer who signed his preface "J.E.B., Melrose, July 24,1873". Whom the initials represent, and whether the volumehad appeared in England before being published in America,I have not been able to ascertain. The second time that theFireside Saints were reprinted was in The Handbook of Swindlingand Other Papers, a volume of Douglas Jerrold's miscellanieswhich I prepared for the "Camelot Series" in 1891.The editor of the first-named volume referred to these littlethumb-nail sketches as "the sweetest and sunniest of Jerrold'swritings"; the author's eldest son and biographer spoke ofthem thus ----- presently come trooping from his pen twelveFireside Saints to sit about men's Christmas hearths, in 1857.They are holy little presences, these, with each her specialshining virtue to be imitated. Any home shall be the betterfor looking at - for studying them. They were their author'slast marked success in Punch that is, the last things of hiswhich the public seized upon, and welcomed, acknowledgingtheir author? This is in one slight point a little misleading, asthe "Saints" appeared in the Almanacks, or 1857, and weretherefore present at "men's Christmas hearths" in 1856. Eachmonth of the Almanack had a "Saint" allotted to it, the legendsbeing set in very small type, in very narrow columns, downthe sides of the "cuts". Never assuredly have they made amore pleasantly fitting appearance than here in company withthe delightful illustrations with which they have inspired thepencil of Mr. Charles Robinson, one of the most poeticallyfanciful of the young artists of the present day.Dainty, fanciful, and quaint, the "Saints" are representativeof the least well-known side of Douglas Jerrold's nature, theleast well-remembered kind of his writings; he is known as aman of biting, "savage" wit, but not also, as he should be, asa man of intense sympathy and tenderness; as writer he isremembered by such work as Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lecturesand Black-Eyed Susan, but he better deserves to be remem-bered by such work as The Chronicles of Clovernook andTime Works Wonders. It is then, the deeper side of hisnature, the more truly individual class of his work that,within their slight limits, these biographies in little represent.

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