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How to Begin Studying English Literature has established itself as one of the most successful and popular introductory student guides in the field. This fourth edition has been fully revised and expanded throughout, and now includes more examples and commentary on texts as well as a third essay-writing chapter, tackling critics and context. This book shows the reader how to approach novels, plays and poems, featuring chapters on themes, characters, structure, style, irony and analysis. In addition, sections on revision, exams and further development of study skills make this book an invaluable companion for anyone beginning to study English literature.

Bosnian-english, English-bosnian Concise Dictionary En PDF

Featuring over 8500 entries, this concise dictionary reflects the daily use of the language spoken in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It includes an appendix of common abbreviations,...

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Approx. 15,000 entries. A modern compact pocket dictionary ideal for travellers and students (levels A1-B1) Includes: - Phonetic pronunciation of the English headwords. - Two...

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This book contains twelve selected essays in English and two translations of individual poems by Mahmoud Darwish and ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Bayati. The essays were written for...

The Norton Anthology Of American Literature: B Epub Torrent

The most-trusted anthology for complete works, balanced selections and helpful editorial apparatus, The Norton Anthology of American Literature features a cover-to-cover...

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Italy possesses one of the richest and most influential literatures of Europe, stretching back to the thirteenth century. This substantial history of Italian literature...

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In the wake of its defeat in World War II, as Japan was forced to remake itself from "empire" to "nation" in the face of an uncertain global situation, literature and...

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