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From childhood on, Melissa Mae Palmer knew something was seriously wrong. But she downplayed her chronic weakness, fatigue, and pain until age thirty-six, when she was finally diagnosed with Pompe disease, a rare genetic disorder caused by an enzyme deficiency. Despite requiring biweekly hospitalizations to keep her alive, she’s built a life full of love and faith. Melissa explains how she found the strength to carry on when she was tempted to give in. Much credit goes to the doctors who support her and administer the treatment that extends her life. She and her physicians also suspect that divine intervention has helped her to thrive, even as she’s coped with breast cancer and a serious car accident. Melissa now devotes her life to God, motherhood, and philanthropy. The mother of five children of her own, she also offers guidance to children undergoing treatment for Pompe disease. Additionally, she makes gift baskets for terminally ill patients and care packages for service members. In her inspirational memoir, Melissa shares the invaluable lessons on love, divorce, disability, and survival she’s learned from her lifelong struggles. Coauthor Dr. Tim Lubenow provides helpful background information on the nature and treatment of Melissa’s chronic pain.

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